Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

23rd February 2019


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An interactive session with parents to encourage Kannada learning among those who are non Kannadigas was the objective of the PEP session conducted on 23th Feb 2019. Parents were introduced to a visual representation of Kannada alphabets called “Varnamala” and then verbally taught how to pronounce all the 49 alphabets by way of some fun filled activities. The participants were asked to recognize the alphabets on placards and string two or three letters to make Kannada words. Participants were also introduced to ‘Kagunitha’, the advanced set of alphabets. Parents enjoyed this lively way of learning Kannada.

Nature’s Gift

22nd September 2018 
Parents Enrichment Program (PEP)

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The PEP session conducted by pre-primary teachers on 22nd September gave parents a glimpse of the various methods and approaches adopted in school to teach little children. The session focused on one of Nature’s gifts, ‘vegetables’ and emphasized its importance in our everyday life. Parents were asked to imagine themselves as children and participate in the activities and games planned. They showed great enthusiasm and participated actively in all the sensorial activities, the game called ‘vegetable basket’ and even performed an action song

The session ended with a Hindi song on vegetables as parents clapped and sang along with diyas. It was followed by discussions on the integral approach of learning this topic and the faculties that it helps to develop in children. Parents thoroughly enjoyed the session and promised to use the various methods of learning at school with their children at home.

Sound and the story.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

28th July 2018


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In everyday life we tend to, consciously or unconsciously, ignore listening. Listening creates a higher sense of awareness along with the ability to identify and accept change.  The P.E.P. session conducted on 28th July by Kevin Rodrigues focused on how music becomes an important part of integral education. Besides bringing joy and excitement to children, music becomes an apt medium to teach various disciplines of education like poetry, social science, psychology and science.  It also aids in building one’s vocabulary.  Parents began the session by taking a simple listening test and  were then guided through a 20 minute vocal warm up which included breathing exercises that pushed them to their limits.  A discussion on communicating with children followed next.  The session concluded with a passionate rendering of the song “Stop crying your heart out” by the music teacher.  It was a musical session that imparted knowledge and infused in everyone a strong vibe of positive energy.

Connecting with the Element Earth.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)
17th March 2018


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There was a great happiness amongst the parents who attended this session.  The moment we connect to the elements in nature which our body is made up of that very moment we are relaxed.  This session provided a platform for the parents to connect with their past and future being a kid and watching their kid.  The parents did an amazing job of cooking up the stories…

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

24th February 2018


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Learning words to build one’s vocabulary may not be the most exciting thing to do but with interesting and fun ways, one can develop an interest towards words.  The English PEP session at Auro Mirra on 25th of February, had an interesting vocabulary game for parents, which had already been tried with students.  This fun, lighthearted activity engaged the parents in learning new words and encouraged them to put their mobiles phones away and turn to the dictionary.  Parents excelled in the game as they got creative and wrote humorous short stories incorporating into it the new words learnt just then.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

23rd September 2017


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HINDI MEIN DHAWANIYAAN was the topic of the PEP session held on 23 Sep 2017.  The session was planned mainly for parents of non- Hindi speakers who struggle with helping their children learn Hindi.  During this session the Hindi diyas shared the approaches and methods followed by them in their classes with children at the Pre-Primary level.  Helping parents pronounce every letter (akshar) correctly was the objective of the session.  Hindi as a language has an intrinsic property which allows every word to be written as it is pronounced.   Every letter and word can be pronounced easily with the right amount of stress and the control of one’s breath.  Parents were made to practice correct sounds of the many Hindi letters.  This exercise was followed by word and sentence formation activity using flash cards.  Parents enjoyed the session thoroughly and learnt a few tricks to mastering correct pronunciation of any letter in Hindi.  The session concluded with a fun filled articulation exercise where diyas challenged parents to two tongue twisters.


26th August 2017

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The PEP session on “Learning to relax” was held on 26th of August. Many parents registered and turned up for the session along with the teachers. The session was conducted by Harvinder Didi, who taught the participants “How to relax”. The process of relaxation starts with the realization of one’s anger and controlling it effectively. By rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscle tissues, our body could release pent up tension. At the end of the session, the participants looked relaxed and cheerful.

Numbers too have a place.

29th July 2017

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How would you like to spend your weekend learning Math? Unimaginable for many but parents of children at AMIS jumped at the opportunity and rushed to experience learning Math in a fun new way at the Math PEP session held on the 29th of July 2017. Math concepts were introduced by means of games called the “Face value and Place value of a number” and “Guessing the number”. As parents teased their brains to guess the number their partners had in mind in the second game and worked quietly without a word to each other to occupy the correct place of the number they had been assigned in the first, they inadvertently learnt the concepts and principles of mathematical operations. After experiencing these fun mathematical games, Parents couldn’t help but wonder how interesting and enjoyable learning math can actually be.