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Diwali Celebration

24th October 2019  More Photos Diwali is rightly considered as the only festival that is celebrated worldwide with great importance. Several stories and myths revolve around this festival of lights. Whatever maybe the culture of any state or country that celebrates Diwali, the theme remains the same, ‘triumph of good over evil’. Every minute detail …

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Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) – Pre-Primary

19th October 2019  More Photos Understanding the value of picture study, diyas of the pre- primary chose ‘visual learning’ as the theme for their pep session. Parents were first introduced to pictures that helped in identifying numbers, colours and letters. The videos displayed later, proved how recap activities could be woven around the theme once …

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Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) – Math

31st August 2019  More Photos The Math PEP session, conducted on 31 August, 2019 was aimed at deepening the understanding towards concepts revolving around the subject. As the first step, parents were engaged in an activity based on the rules of divisibility. Parents were further enlightened about the real life applications of the taught concepts. …

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संस्कृतसप्ताहः (Sanskrit Week)

13th to 19th August 2019  More Photos 13-08-2019 तः 19-08-2019 पर्यन्तं संस्कृतसप्ताहस्य आचरणं सञ्जातम् । तत्र बहवः श्लोकपठने, संस्कृतनृत्ये, संस्कृतसम्भाषणे, प्रश्नोत्तरस्पर्धायां च बहु उत्साहेन भागं गृहीतवन्तः । प्रदर्शनी अपि कृता । विविधखाद्यपदार्थानां तथा नित्योपयोगवस्तूनां संस्थाप्य संस्कृतज्ञानकोशं प्रदर्शितम् । सर्वे छात्राः स्वसंस्कृतज्ञानकोशं संवर्ध्य शब्दभण्डारस्य विकासम् अकुर्वन् । एवं रूपेण संस्कृतसप्ताहः बहु आनन्देन सञ्जातः । ‘The Sanskrit …

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Knowledge Fest 2019-20

24th August 2019  More Photos Most of the presentations that were exhibited in the AMIS campus during the day of the ‘Knowledge Fest’, enabled ‘out of the box’ thinking. ‘Halliya sogadu’, the Kannada show, that resembled a typical village filled parents with nostalgic memories. Social department’s display focused on the history of cricket and its …

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