Holi Celebration

9th March 2020 

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Ayi re ayi Holi ayi, Khushiyaan ki leher le ayi!
Our school celebrated Holi on 9th Feb. It was a gathering of both the pre- primary and primary in unison. The program started with a song that explained the excitement and enthusiasm of the festival. The essence of Holi was explained with a short story of Hiranyankashyap, who is believed to be a devil king. Thus focusing on the central idea of the festival, that is the victory of good over evil. In addition, how is Holi celebrated in different regions of India? Gave the program an insightful value. An enthusiastic group of diyas sang an originally composed Holi song and the whole school joined them by clapping to its beats. The wisdom courtyard saw a beautiful celebration as everyone wished each other with flowers. This gave this festival a deep meaning of love, friendship and togetherness.

Talent Exhibit

7th March 2020 

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Our school celebrated its pre-primary “Talent Exhibit”on 7th February. This gave us the platform to show-case the exuberant talent that our little ones possess. Every corner of the classroom sparked a creative display of the plethora of work done by our tiny-tots, followed by presentations where they cutely summed up their detailed activities. The look on the faces of every parent spoke aloud about how proud they were, looking at the efforts of their children and the diyas in-charge.
Our students were involved in the “Compost Project”. This compost was made by the students of grade 7th. Our school upholds the value of being in-sync with the eco-system and so this project was a special one, where the students created the compost using a variety of ingredients. Also the importance of compost and its benefits, was explained to the parents in the form of a detailed presentation. The icing on the cake was, that you could also buy the product from the students. This left the students thrilled as they saw many sellers.

Educational trips (2019-2020)

1. Educational trip to Pondicherry

Date: 5th to 8th February 2020
Grade 8 & 9
This beautiful chance was given to grade 8 & 9, who enjoyed the pristine beaches and the impressions of the French
Colonial Rule.
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2. Educational trip to Anthargange and Kotilingeshwara

Date: 15-02-2020
Grade 6 & 7
The time of the year when the children of Auro Mirra ventured into their trekking shoes. A trip to Anthargange, one of the most iconic cave site in Karnataka. It took a bit of an exercise to explore the caverns and the intricate chambers of the caves. Also visiting the Kotilingeshwara temple was an added experience to the trip. The temple is extremely famous as it has the tallest Shivalinga present in Asia. On the whole the excursion was all about fun and learning.
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3. Educational trip to Shravanabelgolaon

Date: 07-02-2020
Grade 3 to 5
Students of grade 3, 4 and 5 of Auro Mirra School went on an Educational Excursion to Shravanabelgolaon 7th February. Children enjoyed trekking up the hills. After an exhaustive climb of 700 steps they were able to see The Gommateshwar Bahubali statue, which is located at 3350 feet from sea level. This educational excursion prove to be very informative as the children learnt about Jainism. They enjoyed the scenery surrounding the hills.
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Celebration Day 2019-2020

31st January 2020 and 1st February 2020

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Auro Mirra International School celebrated its celebration day on 31st January (Pre-Primary) and 1st February (Primary). The entire school participated whole heartedly towards the success of this grand event. This success was only possible by the relentless effort of the whole Auro Mirra family.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) – Sanskrit

25th January 2020 


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We had an insightful PEP session for parents on understanding Sanskrit in a better way. The session was led by Unni bhaiya, Aditya bhaiya and Kamna didi. The session was centered around activities as an important mode of technique that will help in an effective understanding of the subject. The session was an interactive exchange of spirited ideas and thoughts that aimed at helping both the parent and the child grasp the subject that will enhance learning. FYI: More photo will follow shortly.

Christmas Day Celebration

16th December 2019 

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Our school had Christmas celebrations on 16th December. It was a stunning affair where the children came dressed as X-mas trees, Elfs, Mary, Joseph, Ginger breads and many other characters focusing on the theme of Christmas. Carols were sung with full enthusiasm also a light was shed on how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of world. The icing on the cake was Santa coming and wishing everyone and dancing to the tune of Christmas.

Workshop on Silence

16th November 2019 

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The ‘Silence Workshop’ led by Harvinder Didi commenced quietly with silence while flute music resonated in the background. Soon after the silence, participants were asked to take a walk, pick up a leaf and represent a drawing with the help of the leaf. Participants were later exposed to a longer session of music after a few warm up exercises. Feedbacks of the session were collected from all the participants in the end. The tranquility that lasted throughout the session was noteworthy.