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The campus is the tangible manifestation of the philosophy of integral education, constructed so as to gain the blessings of nature. With 150-year-old trees that sprawl and create an oasis in the middle of the busy metro, with a heritage building on campus, with vibrations that put the mind at ease, education ‘happens’ here.

The school has a creative mix of open learning spaces and closed class rooms and other facilities. Sprinkled across the campus are creative spaces that are unique to the environment of the school. You may spot a ‘machaan’ (a wooden platform on a tree) where two-three students are absorbed in a discussion, or a teacher telling a story to a small group of students in a grove, the loner would be sitting on a rock lost in the world of a novel, while the budding poet admires the newly sprung green leaves next to the door of the classroom, a rope ladder may invite you to leave the sand pit and seek new heights…

Students have the opportunity of a life time, as they can get a chance to study under the trees where they can shake hands with the branches. Here nature is not seen as an intrusion, but a teacher that awakens the deep secrets of the soul. That too in the heart of busy Bangalore!

Facilities (proposed)

Uniquely designed campus and classrooms

Serene garden with Nature as a teacher

Well equipped computer labs

Audio visual zones

Outdoor stage

Unique Visual Arts Studio

Music studios

Multipurpose hall

Resource centre and library

Teachers’ resource centre

Fully equipped science labs

Sports facilities

Play area

Health care clinic



The classrooms are unique, creative and inspiring, while having all the amenities and comforts necessary for facilitating a healthy learning environment.  The outdoor and indoor learning spaces are created so as to blend with the verdant environment and are creatively designed so that they have an organic, natural feel to them.

Each classroom is spacious, well lit and ventilated, with the following amenities –

Electrical and internet connections

IT equipped (access to projector, computer, audio-visual aids)

Common storage space for class requirements – charts, map, chalks, colors etc.

White/black board

Storage space for each child.

Appropriate furniture for all students

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