Children’s Day Celebration

14th November 2019 

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Children’s day dawned with the spontaneous curiosity of children waiting to gather the surprises the day ahead, carried. Children were totally engrossed in the flute performance presented by Chandhan Kumar, one of the most famous icons of Indian music. The cultural events comprised of several songs, dances, skits, each of them carrying a great value. Viewing the quality of the performances, any viewer could doubtlessly assert that they all served the purpose of entertaining children to the core.

Diwali Celebration

24th October 2019 

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Diwali is rightly considered as the only festival that is celebrated worldwide with great importance. Several stories and myths revolve around this festival of lights. Whatever maybe the culture of any state or country that celebrates Diwali, the theme remains the same, ‘triumph of good over evil’. Every minute detail right from the origin of Diwali to its significance and the harmful effects that cracker bursting causes, were discussed in the interactive discussion that was part of the special assembly conducted during the day of celebration. Children’s joy knew no bounds when they were involved in the activity of selecting and painting the lamps of their choice and finally decorating them in the allotted place. Once everything was arranged the whole place was lit with a heavenly glow, the beauty of which mere words could not depict.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) – Pre-Primary

19th October 2019 

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Understanding the value of picture study, diyas of the pre- primary chose ‘visual learning’ as the theme for their pep session. Parents were first introduced to pictures that helped in identifying numbers, colours and letters. The videos displayed later, proved how recap activities could be woven around the theme once facts were internalized. Diyas moved on to create an awareness amongst parents about how mobile phones can never be substituted in place of books. By the end of the session, parents were able to realize how picture study paved way for children to perceive, respond, create and communicate effectively.

Powers Within-Self Development Games

In Auro Mirra Int. School, Ulsoor, we have structure daily morning games as a part of the school day.  These are designed to help develop concentration, coordination, reflexes, cooperation, balance, focus and sometimes memory.  The whole school plays these every morning and this has been one of the star practices in the school which continues to help children in multiple ways.  These are inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s writings, as he has specifically written about ‘powers within’.

The school has made a small in-house video about this, to introduce the concept.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) – Math

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The Math PEP session, conducted on 31 August, 2019 was aimed at deepening the understanding towards concepts revolving around the subject. As the first step, parents were engaged in an activity based on the rules of divisibility. Parents were further enlightened about the real life applications of the taught concepts. They soon discovered that simple techniques could help them remember mathematical rules easily.

Teachers’ Day Celebration

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September 5th, 2019 witnessed excited children greeting their teachers with cards, flowers, hugs and warm wishes. The occasion planned and executed solely by children turned out to be a very joyous experience for all teachers. The programme commenced with a welcome note followed by a short speech in honour of Dr. Radhakrishna. All the cultural programs that were staged bore a common theme, the respect that each teacher deserved. Teachers were encouraged with loud cheers from children during the games session planned towards the end. The program came to a conclusion with teachers being gifted with plants in decorated pots, a befitting gift for a memorable day.

संस्कृतसप्ताहः (Sanskrit Week)

13th to 19th August 2019 

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13-08-2019 तः 19-08-2019 पर्यन्तं संस्कृतसप्ताहस्य आचरणं सञ्जातम् । तत्र बहवः श्लोकपठने, संस्कृतनृत्ये, संस्कृतसम्भाषणे, प्रश्नोत्तरस्पर्धायां च बहु उत्साहेन भागं गृहीतवन्तः । प्रदर्शनी अपि कृता । विविधखाद्यपदार्थानां तथा नित्योपयोगवस्तूनां संस्थाप्य संस्कृतज्ञानकोशं प्रदर्शितम् । सर्वे छात्राः स्वसंस्कृतज्ञानकोशं संवर्ध्य शब्दभण्डारस्य विकासम् अकुर्वन् । एवं रूपेण संस्कृतसप्ताहः बहु आनन्देन सञ्जातः ।

‘The Sanskrit Week’ was conducted from the 13th to the 19th of August in the AMIS campus to pay reverence to the oldest language on earth. The performances of children such as sloka recitation, quiz programs, dances, speeches etc. added color to the program with the committed efforts of the Sanskrit department facilitators. The exhibition display, set up in one corner of the main lobby comprising of fruits, vegetables, materials of daily use and a variety of costumes served as a fitting highlight to the whole show. Children maintained the same enthusiasm and spirit throughout the whole Week.