Our schools

Sri Aurobindo Society has established and is managing schools (1984 onwards) in various parts of India, namely Delhi, Chandigarh, Patiala, Jodhpur and Bangalore.

It also organises several education related activities like play groups, youth camps, workshops for teachers, principals and parents, and camps for children in several parts of India.


    Sri Aurobindo International School, Patiala (CBSE)

    Established: February 1984
    Number of students: 1100
    Up to plus two
  • Auro Mirra International School, Patiala

    Established: July 1998
    Number of students: 700
    Up to grade 8
  • Mirambika School For New Age, Bangalore (CBSE)

    Established: 1988
    Number of students: 750
    Up to grade 10
  • Sri Aurobindo Centre of New Education, Jodhpur (CBSE)

    Established: 2007
    Number of students: 600
    Up to grade 10
  • Sri Aurobindo School of Integral Education, Chandigarh (CBSE)

    Established: July 1994
    Number of students: 425
    Up to plus two
  • Navakriti, New Delhi

    Established: 2005
    Number of students: 80
    play school