Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) – Sanskrit

25th January 2020 


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We had an insightful PEP session for parents on understanding Sanskrit in a better way. The session was led by Unni bhaiya, Aditya bhaiya and Kamna didi. The session was centered around activities as an important mode of technique that will help in an effective understanding of the subject. The session was an interactive exchange of spirited ideas and thoughts that aimed at helping both the parent and the child grasp the subject that will enhance learning. FYI: More photo will follow shortly.

Christmas Day Celebration

16th December 2019 

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Our school had Christmas celebrations on 16th December. It was a stunning affair where the children came dressed as X-mas trees, Elfs, Mary, Joseph, Ginger breads and many other characters focusing on the theme of Christmas. Carols were sung with full enthusiasm also a light was shed on how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of world. The icing on the cake was Santa coming and wishing everyone and dancing to the tune of Christmas.