Workshop on Silence

16th November 2019 

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The ‘Silence Workshop’ led by Harvinder Didi commenced quietly with silence while flute music resonated in the background. Soon after the silence, participants were asked to take a walk, pick up a leaf and represent a drawing with the help of the leaf. Participants were later exposed to a longer session of music after a few warm up exercises. Feedbacks of the session were collected from all the participants in the end. The tranquility that lasted throughout the session was noteworthy.

Children’s Day Celebration

14th November 2019 

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Children’s day dawned with the spontaneous curiosity of children waiting to gather the surprises the day ahead, carried. Children were totally engrossed in the flute performance presented by Chandhan Kumar, one of the most famous icons of Indian music. The cultural events comprised of several songs, dances, skits, each of them carrying a great value. Viewing the quality of the performances, any viewer could doubtlessly assert that they all served the purpose of entertaining children to the core.