Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

24th February 2018


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Learning words to build one’s vocabulary may not be the most exciting thing to do but with interesting and fun ways, one can develop an interest towards words.  The English PEP session at Auro Mirra on 25th of February, had an interesting vocabulary game for parents, which had already been tried with students.  This fun, lighthearted activity engaged the parents in learning new words and encouraged them to put their mobiles phones away and turn to the dictionary.  Parents excelled in the game as they got creative and wrote humorous short stories incorporating into it the new words learnt just then.

Celebration Day (Class: Nursery to 2nd)

17th February 2018
(Class: Nursery to 2nd)


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The 17th of February 2018 is a day to be specially remembered. Why so? You may ask! It was a day of celebration – a day when all our little ones from pre- primary to second grade made their mark with their incredible performances. They joyously sang in clear tones and danced enthusiastically in vibrant costumes ! A day when their skills and talents were brought to the forefront to be witnessed, enjoyed and applauded by their dear parents. Now, don’t you agree with me when I say …. a special day to be remembered indeed?! I can already hear your loud voices in agreement.

Birding with the kids.

Picnic to Kokrebellur Pelicanry and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
2nd February 2018
(Class: 3rd to 5th)


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Picnic is the best time in a child’s memories and this picnic helped them create more memories and an opportunity to see different birds and enjoy the creation so beautiful and unique.

Sports Day (Grade 3 to 7)

20th and 26thJanuary 2018
(Class: Grade 3 to 7)

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Sports Day Photos

Display day for Nursery to Grade II was held on 24th March 2018. Parents got a chance to witness an array of activities taking place in the school. Children did a commendable job in all the subjects from Art and craft to Hindi, English, Mathematics and Science. The little ones spoke confidently explaining each and every detail of the craft to the visitors. Parents were overjoyed by the exquisite crafts done by children.
The Street play enacted by children as part of the Science display urged the audience to plant trees to revive our planet and restore its health. Hindi and English display had children presenting riddles, poems and tongue twisters. The Mathematics display based on the theme ‘shapes’ saw a lot of parents queuing up to buy the interesting items representing many different shapes. The display day proved that academics could be taken beyond the confines of the classroom and made so much more enjoyable.

Picnic to JP Park.

18th January 2018
(Class: Nursery and LKG)


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Babies Day Out!
Faces filled with excitement,
Bright smiles and giggles,
Bags hanging by their side
Filled with delectable healthy goodies
All ….set…ready…. they all went
on a date to the J.P.Park, J.P.Nagar!!