22nd December 2017

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AMIS had its vibrant Christmas celebration before closing for the vacation.  The celebration was full of foot tapping dance numbers and melodious carols sung by children and diyas.  A skit portraying the pious moments of Jesus Christ’s birth was performed by students.  Towards the end of the programme, children were seen waiting with baited breath for SANTA to make his appearance and give them gifts.  Of course, Santa did make his grand entrance but with a twist in the story.  He asked the children to give up habits that were undesirable and often angered their parents and diyas to make this Christmas truly special.  The celebrations concluded with a promise made by Santa that he will visit every class and meet all the children.

Picnic to Bannerghatta National Park.

20th December 2017
(Class: UKG)


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Yipee! It’s picnic time and finally the day arrived when UKG children set out on their picnic to the Bannerghatta National Park. Children had a gala time spotting the wild animals they had only heard about in stories and seen pictures of especially rare ones like the White Tiger. They also enjoyed looking at other mammals and reptiles.
The picnic ended with a visit to the Butterfly Park which was a pleasant and joyful experience for the children.