Sports Day (Nursery to Grade 2)

25th November and 16th December 2017
(Class: Nursery to Grade 2)

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Sports day was full of excitement, energy and enjoyment. Our school ground was aptly decorated with colourful patterns of balls representing different sports. Children began the day with the march past followed by the thrilling races. Parents were called to give away certificates. There were two drill performances that delighted the audience. A well synchronised Gymnastic and Yoga performance by our children overwhelmed the gathering with amazement.

Celebration Day

11th November 2017
(Grade 3rd to 7th)



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The much anticipated Celebration Day of our School for Grades 3 to 7 was organized on 11th November 2017.  The programme began at 5.30 pm and came alive with the many colourful cultural performances.  It included dances, skit, Mime and many more exciting performances.  Students from all the different grades performed with grace and confidence.  Every act on stage was received with a big round of applause from the audience.  The programme ended at 6.45 pm with a vote of thanks and Silence.