26th August 2017

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The PEP session on “Learning to relax” was held on 26th of August. Many parents registered and turned up for the session along with the teachers. The session was conducted by Harvinder Didi, who taught the participants “How to relax”. The process of relaxation starts with the realization of one’s anger and controlling it effectively. By rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscle tissues, our body could release pent up tension. At the end of the session, the participants looked relaxed and cheerful.

Embracing Patriotism.

15th August 2017
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It was heartening to see students and staff of Auro Mirra walk into the flooded premises of the school to start up the Independence Day celebrations. A perfect instance of their patriotic zeal and dedication on this historic day. The students and staff assembled in the school lawn decorated with tri-colour flags and bunting. The celebration began with flag hoisting and singing of the National Anthem. The significance of the momentous moment of independence was expressed through a Kannada and Sanskrit speech. The students paid tribute to Sri Aurobindo, whose birthday falls on the same day through a speech and reciting one of his poems. Children expressed their love for the motherland through mesmerizing dance numbers and songs. A delightful quiz was organized to engage and enlighten the students and teachers on the nationalistic movement and leaders. The audience was left spellbound with the yoga, gymnastics and hoops drill displays. The celebration ended with the recitation of a Hindi poem which told the power of freedom.

Numbers too have a place.

29th July 2017

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How would you like to spend your weekend learning Math? Unimaginable for many but parents of children at AMIS jumped at the opportunity and rushed to experience learning Math in a fun new way at the Math PEP session held on the 29th of July 2017. Math concepts were introduced by means of games called the “Face value and Place value of a number” and “Guessing the number”. As parents teased their brains to guess the number their partners had in mind in the second game and worked quietly without a word to each other to occupy the correct place of the number they had been assigned in the first, they inadvertently learnt the concepts and principles of mathematical operations. After experiencing these fun mathematical games, Parents couldn’t help but wonder how interesting and enjoyable learning math can actually be.