A Treat of Talent

25th March 2017

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The AMIS annual exhibition on 25th March, 2017, was a pit stop for children in the middle of final examinations to showcase their talent and creativity in languages, sciences, mathematics and art. The school was hub of activities on this day, ranging from a math display that served up a mouth-watering lesson in profit and loss (at an in-house cake station), to a yoga demonstration for those wanting to shed the guilty calories! Alongside were displays exploring science and social sciences. This year, the assembly area was turned into a Performance Space for children to enact skits and give poetry performances in a variety of languages. The Exhibition gave the children an opportunity to learn about subjects in-depth even as it provided many avenues for enjoyment through displays and shows.

Splash of colours – The natural way!

13th March 2017


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On 13th March, 2017, AMIS came alive with the colours of nature as the school celebrated a natural Holi this year.  Plates laden with colourful flower petals and leaves adorned the assembly area.  AMIS children used natural kumkum and turmeric to mark the day.

After a short skit on Holi presented by the students of the Alamanda group, it was time to let the flower petals fly in the air and coat each child in a shower of fragrance and colour.  The children enjoyed the morning every bit, as they immersed themselves fully in the spirit of Holi.


We all can do it!

26th January 2017

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Primary Race Day
Primary Sports Day
Pre-Primary Sports Day

Our Sports Day, Aurolympics (2016-17), happened in two phases this year.  The first part, called Race Day, and took place on 21st January 2017.  On this day, we had all our races, in which almost all students participated.  The second part took place on 26thJanuary 2017, which was also Republic Day.  On this day we had all our displays, such as the Lavani dance, yoga, gymnastic and juggling displays among others.  We also had a few races for which the preliminary rounds had already been held.  The pre-primary classes also had their Sports Day on this day.  All the students enjoyed themselves fully on both days.  It was the best Sports Day organized by AMIS so far.

– Mohammed Nihaal Khan, Antigonon Group.