Math made easy.

24th September 2016

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The PEP Session on “Math made easy” was conducted on 24th September, in AMIS.  Mathematics, which is perceived to be difficult and boring by most, especially the children, was shown in a different light altogether, with the help of this session.  The innovative ideas on how children can have fun with multiplication and numbers, but at the same time learn the essential and core concepts of Mathematics, were shared in this session, with the parents of AMIS.  Since the activities shared in the session, required the study aids to be made hands on by the participants, it made it easier for them to remember the concepts and also kept them interested and curious, throughout the session.

Musical Tales

25th August 2016
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All of us think that story telling is easy and simple, but it is an art. The conventional way of narrating a story is by showing pictures and adapting to different voice modulation. Harvinder didi introduced us to the concept of using music in story telling which includes not only the regular musical instruments but also the sound of sugar in a steel box, half filled water bottle, whistling and even the sound of homeopathy tablets.
She drew our attention to the fact that sounds not only leave a great impression on a child’s mind but also helps to understand the essence of the story even if they may not understand the language. When we implemented the concept in our practical session, we experienced the impact it had on us for we thoroughly enjoyed and we are eager to implement the same in our story telling sessions.