Festival of Colours

22nd March 2016


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Colours excite children, so does the colourful festival of Holi This festival bridges social gaps and renews sweet relationships.
Children celebrated Holi in AMIS on February 23rd, with a lot of eagerness and enthusiasm. They sang some songs on Holi and the celebrations commenced with the Class diyas, smearing their children’s foreheads with colourful ‘teekas’. The children then generously smeared colours on each other and the diyas!

Talent Unleashed

4th March 2016


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Display Day was held on March 5th, 2016 in AMIS.  Like every year, the Pre-Primary Diyas displayed the art works of their tiny tots in various creative ways and the outcome was a visual treat! The Primary Diyas and children, through their displays sent the message loud and clear that learning is not just confined to the classrooms and textbooks.  For the Maths display the children, with the help of their diyas, ‘displayed’ Maths around us, using the various parts of the school campus.  Science display involved applications of Science in everyday life and it compelled all to pause and think how almost everything we do in our daily lives consists of science underlying it.  The children pulled English to a courtroom where it was tried for being ‘inspired’ from other Indian as well as some foreign languages! The Hindi display comprised of poetry and doha recitaion, interesting facts about Hindi, etc. but the main attraction was a play that the children had put up, with the help of their diyas, to spread awareness about the importance of trees.  For Sanskrit display too the children prepared a small skit, along with other things that they had put on display.  The parents were also treated to some glimpses of a few of the wonderful moments that their children had spent during the year, in their wonderland, which is also known as AMIS!!

Auro Olympics 2015-2016

5th February 2016


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Sports day or AUROLYMPICS 2015-16 brought sheer excitement and joy to all the kids, Diyas and Parents of AMIS.  This year it was a full day event with the Primary having their events in the morning and the Pre-Primary in the afternoon.  On 6th February 2016, as colourful balloons flew high up in the blue sky AUROLYMPICS, the annual sports meet of AMIS was officially opened by Rajnikanth ji and Harvinder Didi.  Starting with the march past, spreading the message and creative ideas to reduce generation of waste and achieve Swachh Bharat, as the events unfolded one by one we were treated with colourful displays and other outstanding performances by the students of AMIS.  There was a perfect blend of innovative races and displays.  Throughout the day we witnessed unbelievable portrayal skills and sportsmanship by our children that amazed everyone gathered there.

In the afternoon the tiny tots of pre-primary marched with a motto of Swachh Bharat.  Diyas had creatively handcrafted exhibits using things which are usually discarded.  The little ones surprised everyone with their well coordinated performance in the Tambourine drill.  Their splendid performances made the track events more interesting and parents, diyas and kids enjoyed and cheered for them.  The little gymnasts stunned all the parents with their overwhelming performance.  At the end of the day’s events everyone was left with memories of moments which they would surely cherish forever.

Citizen it’s all yours

25th January 2016

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The 67th Republic Day was celebrated with all grandeur and fervour at AMIS.  The arena near the lawn was decorated with fluttering tricolour flags.  Students dressed in white, assembled near the lawn and the programme started off with Harvinder Didi hoisting the National Flag, which was followed by the National Anthem.  The students of Calico group then danced gracefully to the tunes of ‘Chak de India’, which was followed by singing of our National song by the school choir group.  The students also presented a skit in Sanskrit on the brave Rana Pratap Singh who had fought against his rivals to free his motherland from the British.  The Catharanthus group then sang a song on courage.  The programme ended with Harvinder Didi addressing the students and leaving them with the determination to do their best at everything and with a feeling of pride for their motherland.  The day ended on a sweet note, with the distribution of chikis to children and Diyas.

Stars, Candles and Cakes

22nd December 2015


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Christmas was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm as the children of Allamanda group made crafts to decorate the tree.  The significance of Christmas was enacted through a skit followed by carol singing.  The children were thrilled to see Santa and danced along with him.  Santa delivered special messages to every class.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

20th November 2015
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During the Parenting Enrichment Program (PEP) held on November 21st, parents were introduced to various games and activities that would help them to enhance their children’s ‘Focus’ and ‘Concentration’.  The introductory game, which was also an ice breaker, was a modified form of the age old memory game, which conveyed to the parents how ‘Focus’ and ‘Concentration’ and be developed in the children in a fun way.  In another activity parents were blind folded and taken from one point to another.  Later they had to trace back through the exact same way with their eyes open.  There was also a card game in which the parents gathered in a group were shown some cards, which they had to pair, relying on their memory and concentration powers.  Lastly, the parents were shown a pattern made of buttons, which they could observe for a minute.  They were then expected to recreate the same pattern, from their memory.  It was a delight to see our parents enjoy themselves thoroughly and participate in each activity whole-heartedly.  Through these various activities they were enriched with innovative and interesting ideas which they could implement at home with things easily available, to hone their children’s vital faculties.

Celebration day 2015-2016

3rd December 2015


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It was a pleasant evening that welcomed the parents on the eve of celebration day. Bright colourful lights lit all along the path way and the beautifully designed stage promised an exciting evening ahead. The children decked in grand costumes could not contain their excitement to show off their talents. When it was time for parents to be let in they rushed in to grab seats which offered the best view. The programme commenced with a short silence which is the tradition of the school.

The pre-primary kids unruffled by the crowd entertained the audience with their dance performance. Some of them sang along with the primary children. It was then the turn of the primary kids who in the true sense portrayed “Unity in diversity” with dance numbers of different states and languages. They swayed and twirled gracefully mesmerising the audience. Yet other groups presented a medley of songs. The enthusiastic crowd cheered the students all along which heightened their spirits. When it was time for the show to end, happy albeit reluctant parents returned home with their children.

Crafty ideas

2nd to 7th November 2015


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Auro Mirra International School imparts in training workshop to teachers on a regular basis to enhance the quality of teaching in all aspects.
A week long craft workshop was conducted by Mrs. Kiran, an art in education enthusiast, artist and resource facilitator-arts &crafts in integral education of ICIE (an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society, based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. Focus being, building the three C’s – Concentration, Creativity and Confidence along with fine motor skills. Children enthusiastically participated in several craft activities and enjoyed the sessions thoroughly which reflected on their faces proudly displaying their craft. It was indeed a visual treat to watch.
Two exclusive sessions were held for teachers, focus primarily being able to incorporate craft in their teaching to help children unleash their talents.