Holi hai at AMIS!

17th March 2014

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The colours of spring were celebrated with utmost joy and abandon by the children, didis and the staff at Auromirra. Trust the children to show how little it takes to shed your inhibitions, reservations and differences and enjoy a festival that also signifies mending broken relationships. So play and laugh, forget and forgive, it was on 17th March at the school grounds, in the blessed company of nature.

Harvinder didi spoke to the children about holi, beginning with the myth behind it, i.e. the story of Holika. She dwelled on the significance of the festival, speaking about the victory over evil and celebrating love and friendship. This was followed by the didis putting teekha of the holi colour on each child and delighting them with a shower of flower petals.

Children then went around smearing colours on friends and didis, happily but gently. Holi songs were played and everyone danced, holding hands to form big circles, as more and more joined in, in harmonious rhythm to the beats. The youngest brood of the school, the nursery group, though they were spared the colours, had a holi-some time of their own! They splashed around in a pool of water, delighting in the play and cooling down on a warm day under the watchful, tender eyes of their didis.

Library on Wheels!

12th March 2014

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The last DEAR programme of the academic year had a special surprise.
The school’s children were treated to a reading special from the library on the 12th of March. After assembly, after the children had settled in to their classes for wednesday’s reading hour to begin, they were suddenly distracted by shouts of ‘Books, books…books to read. Come take your books”
In rolled on two decorated wheel barrows, books, books and more books!
One for primary and the other for pre-primary. Drawn by the library project students, these libraries on wheels went from class to class, inviting all children to come, pick a book and read. They could also choose to sit and read wherever they wished to. On the lawn another cart kept stationary also displayed an array of books from stories on adventures, mythologies, personalties, classics, fairy tales; picture books and encyclopedias to satisfy the children’s curiosity. Children chose their books as well as their corners to read, very enthusiastically…some settled down in cosy nooks, some on trees…lost to the world, deep in their books.
The surprise was put together by the didis, the DEAR parents and the Library project team from the school.