Gandhi Jayanthi

2nd October 2013


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It was a day to recall, rever and retrace at Auro Mirra International School.  A path which people  are unwilling to tread, as there are short cuts  with almost instant results!  The need of the day is  more Gandhians to restore values which  we are losing slowly.  And this hope glowed brightly in the way the children presented the programme.
Children from the primary section recalled moments from the life of the Great Mahatma-the epitome of peace, nonviolence and truth.  This was strongly reciprocated in the way the tiny tots narrated incidents from Gandhi’s life.  A strong and subtle message to the teachers to be the example and not just preach.  Amazing! Considering the fact that they are less than five years.

Bhajans, skit and dance based on the great icon was also part of the programme.  Chikkis were shared by all to rejoice the great day.

At the end of the programme one got the feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


 16 September 2013 


Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala was  celebrated with great enthusiasm atAuroMirraInternationalSchool. The bright colourful attire of students and didis, Pookalam, the floral rangoli and the lighted lamps lent itself to the occasion.

Girls of class V danced gracefully to the tunes of Mohiniattam.

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Students from the primary section shared the significance of the festival.

Colouring and drawing activity was conducted for the various classes, an opportunity which the children grabbed gleefully to exhibit their imaginary and artistic talents.  Banana chips were distributed to mark the end of the festive occasion.


 28 August 2013


The auspicious day when Lord Shri Krishna was born is celebrated all over India as Krishna Janmashtami and so did the family of AMIS.
A part of the campus was decorated with beautiful drapes and flower rangoli. Krishna’s idol and a pot of butter hung above brought about a transformation to the place.

The tiny Krishnas and Radhas of AMIS took us to the enchanting world of Vrindavan with their captivating smiles and mischief in their eyes swaying to and fro to Krishnas bhajan.

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Children from different classes showcased their beautiful dance performance.
Who doesn’t love soothing melody? A music which touches you deep within is a rare treasure. But we at AMIS were very lucky. Harvinder Didi played the
flute for us. The music just flowed creating an atmosphere of joy and peace within. No wonder, Krishna had a group of gopikas following him to hear him play the flute.

The children of AMIS did not lose much time in quickly festing on the butter from the pot, thoroughly enjoying themselves. After all ! Truly Krishnas !
Ladoos were distributed to the mark the end of the celebration.