Explore Within – Workshop for Parents (PEP)

 31st August 2013 and 1st September 2013 


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An aura of anticipation and excitement prevailed in the campus of Auro Mirra International School.  Grandparents, parents and teachers strolled in to attend a two day workshop in the premises of the school.  The continuous drizzle did little to dampen the spirits of the eager participants.

The workshop commenced with silence and gently warmed up to a discussion led by Ms. Harvinder Kaur the mentor of the workshop, Director for All India Council of Integral Education.  A detailed account of the workshop would run into pages, hence only few of the activities will be mentioned here.

The session on likes and dislikes was an eye opener to all as no one ever gives much thought to whether our likes or dislikes stem from ideas or experience.

A stroll around the campus to find a leaf that attracted each one, the art of capturing it on paper and analysis was yet an other sizzler.

Spontaneous use of gibberish language was a lot of fun and proved to be an effective tool in bringing strangers to co-ordinate together to put up a wonderful show.

The second day saw the enthusiastic participants bringing in all kinds of objects, like excited kids, an assignment given the previous day.  The creative story presentation based on the object brought to surface the latent creativity in each individual.

Likewise, the the blindfold activity, where one was at the mercy of the other partner, for it was a mute activity, made one aware of the hurdles faced by the blind.  A pledge by few of the participants to donate their eyes is just an indication of the profound impact of the experience.

To sum up, the workshop was a journey of discovery into oneself, an attempt that was well begun.  Soon, it was time to bid adieu and the glow of satisfaction on everyone’s face revealed that it was a weekend well spent as each one returned enriched in many ways.

Teachers’ Day

5 September 2013 


On Teachers’ Day – 05th Sept 2013, the children came to school with bunches of flowers and cards that they had made for the didis.  The whole school was echoing with children wishing the teachers and distributing flowers.  There was a program conducted by the students of class IV under Yamini didi’s guidance. It was a sight to delight and touch the heart as the teachers watched the children dance, recite poems and sing songs.  Cards and flowers were offered to the teachers reminding the teachers that their hard work, effort, patience and perseverance is much appreciated.  As the day came to end all the teachers of Auro Mirra went home with a smile on their face, happiness in their heart and a bag full of flowers!

Flower day

Flowers do more than beautify our lives, they are special expressions of consciousness and spiritual qualities.  Beautiful flowers, with their vibrant colours and varied sizes attract not only humans alike but other creatures too.


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Well, it was a sight to behold, on the 30th of August in the campus of Auro Mirra, to see flowers walking in, smiling hand in hand, to sing praises either about themselves or about other flowers.  Indeed, these were the children of Auro Mirra unleashing their fragrance to let everyone know of the beauty that exists around us.  Our lovely children, dressed as flowers and shared their qualities and almost personified them! The efforts of the parents were shining through, as the flowers swayed, twirled and danced in the surroundings.

‘Be an Angel’ day


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nels have always been considered the epitome of goodness.  We at Auro Mirra celebrated “Be an angel” day on the 22nd of August to inspire students to be like angels, ever forgiving and learning to  help others in need.  It was a visual treat to see the kids dressed as angels and trying to behave like one too!  The idea was not restricted to girls alone.  After all where is it written that boys cannot be angels?

The creativity and effort taken by the parents was amazing, especially the way they came up with innovations for the wings, the crown and the wand.  It was as if heaven had descended on Auro Mirra to enjoy its green lush environs!