Children`s day was celebrated on the 15th of November. Children enthusiastically participated in a rangoli competition, held for the primary classes. It was an opportunity for the children to showcase their creative ability. While some of the kids decorated the rangoli with colours, others used flowers while yet an other child created a pattern using vegetables. The didis had an interaction with the children on the significance of the day. A short documentary on Good manners and habits was shown to all the kids. Fun games were conducted wherein the children enjoyed tremendously.


Diwali, the festival of lights was celebrated on the 9th of November. Each child was given an earthen lamps which was painted and decorated by the child, which was later taken home by them. One of the didis narrated the story related to the celebration of Diwali. Children were given instructions to have a safe and happy diwali. Children were encouraged to reduce / avoid bursting of crackers, emphazing the concept of live and let live.