Some of the children made clay idols of Ganesha, while a few others made drawings and coloured / decorated them with sand and other materials. Few children enacted the story of how Lord Ganesha got his present form. Children also showcased their talent by singing songs. Chick peas were given to all the children on the occasion.


Dressed in the Kerala attire, children enthusiastically decorated the Rangoli with flowers. Some of them danced to the music of pookkalam, while yet others staged the story leading to the celebration of the festival. Children also showcased the cattamaran and donned the role of farmers. Banana chips were given to the children on the occasion.


Students resplendent in vibrant colours presented to their friends, the way in which the men folk attend the mosque and say their prayers. The significance of the day was highlighted by one of the didis. Children embraced each other and dates were distributed to all.