Independence day, on the 15th of August saw the children strolling clad in White with the tricolour band and flags in their hands. The tricolour was hosted by Shri Lagariji, a member of the Managing committee and Shri Rajinikanthji addressed the audience. Some children made a speech relating to the significance of the day. Children danced to the tune of Jai Ho and enacted snippets from DandiMarch and Jalian wallabagh massacre in groups. One felt as if transformed to a different time and place. Children also sang patriotic songs with great enthusiasm. The day’s programme culminated with a pyramid display.


Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated on the 8th of August with the students dressed as Krishna and Radha. Some of the children enacted the scene of Sri Krishna’s birth. Some really got into the spirit eating the butter meant for Lord Krishna.Songs were sung to mark the occasion, while others took joy in giving expression to Krishna’s form through art. The well known puffed rice, Krishna’s favourite was distributed to the children.